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Some of the ships in the book are nonmilitary in nature. There is also a section on unknown aliens. It's an excellent story that captures the atmosphere of a war in the depths of space against a mysterious opponent. It finishes with a tantalizing 'the end Contrary to Spacecraft AD, the book contains stories instead of individual spaceship descriptions, which causes some problems as multiple illustrations were not always coherent within a single story.

Since the stories are short, they usually have only one illustration, which avoids the problem of coherence between illustrations. However, being set in a time of peace, it speaks only of commercial companies offering flights to exotic planets. Morrigan, a publisher of roleplaying game s, was intending to update the series as well as release a game in the setting. Unfortunately, just before the first book was to come out, Morrigan was informed by Cowley that the rights had reverted to him around , thus rendering the Hamlyn license null and void.

However, Cowley was supportive of their efforts to produce a new version, and a new agreement was negotiated.

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The licensing agreement includes the right to update and reprint the text and diagrams of the original books as well as to reproduce the designs of the original art, but the rights to the paintings themselves were not available. The new series therefore features work by new artists, both in reproducing the classic art and in doing original pieces, using a mixture of computer graphics and more traditional media. The modern series is divided into two distinct product lines: art books in the vein of the classic series, and the roleplaying game and its supplements.

In some cases e.

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In other cases, the art books and the RPG line complement one another e. The original series was set in the near-future the timeline started approximately nine years after the first book's publication date. By the time the modern series was being planned, the real world was well into the eponymous time period of the first book. Therefore, Morrigan decided to shift the timeline of the setting one hundred years into the future thus changing the title for the reprint of "Spacecraft".

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Reviews of the new series have been lukewarm an average of two out of five star rating on Amazon. The Galactic Encounters series was set in roughly the same universe as the official TTA books as demonstrated by many common visual elements and names , and was created partly using art rejected for inclusion in the official TTA books.

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As such, they are characterized as being of lower quality. They are considered non-canonical by fans of the original series, as well as Morrigan Press. Home of TTA addons for Celestia , art, and book info. Wikimedia Foundation. Terran — is a term commonly associated in science fiction with humans. Stars and planetary systems in fiction — The planetary systems of stars other than the Sun and the Solar System are a staple element in much science fiction. The future seen in the Terran Trade Authority universe was a striking, at some times bizarre glimpse into an alternate human timeline.

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And though the book series, originally published between and , is largely out of print or and difficult to find these days, it's an earmark of science fiction that anyone who attests that they're well-versed in the medium should seek out and familiarize themselves with. The first four volumes are lavish tomes with full-page, full-color illustrations with gorgeous artwork and engaging copy that acts as a fictionalized retrospective of the world depicted within. For example, Spacecraft AD recounts the first years of interplanetary space travel, all told from the perspective of one living in the game's universe.


To fully immerse yourself within the narrative the Terran Trade Authority books craft, you'll need to understand that in in that world, humans traveled to Mars and established a space station, and in one of our own ships made contact with the aliens of Alpha Centauri. It's mind-bending stuff, but absolutely fascinating to tear into such a painstakingly established universe that may have occurred in another world or another dimension. Author Stewart Cowley took the idea of a self-insertion fanfic and wove himself into the very fabric of the Terran Trade Authority, stating that he was a "veteran officer" of the Terran Defense Authority and having served a tour of Mars, which makes him an authority on the years ran down in the first TTA book and the volumes following it.

As the story goes, humans affectionately known as Terrans within the mythos became star explorers at the beginning of the 21st century after developing the DeVass Warp Generator, a special FTL faster-than-light drive. This method of travel ensured human contact with the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri the Alphans , with whom humanity befriended and sided with, and the Proximans of Proxima Centauri after that.

Of course, the long-running feud between the Alphans and the Proximans ended up in the decades-long Proximan War, which is explored in the Terran Trade Authority books. The second book, Great Space Battles , is divided up into two parts, following the fictional Laguna War, one fought between Earth and Laguna, or Beta Hydri, in the year The entire volume explores stories written about significant battles in the Terran Trade Authority universe rather than the starliners of the future, and is interesting because, like several of the other books in the series, the illustrations didn't line up with the written explanations of the battles.

This is due to the fact that some of the illustrations were created at a different time from the corresponding text. With derelict spaceships, wreckage and other bits and bobs of abandoned technology and space stations, it offers a glimpse of areas long lost to time and iniquity.

Terran Trade Authority Corebook

There's a mournful lilt to the imagery depicted within the book that can be credited to Cowley's excellent writing. Interestingly enough, while the first run of the books are out of print and difficult to get your hands on right now unless you pay a premium price for most of them on eBay or used bookstores, there was a failed attempt at reviving the name and premise for a new wave of books licensed from Hamlyn, the original publisher, to roleplaying game publisher Morrigan Press.

The original author, Cowley, was encouraging of the project, but they're largely considered inferior to the original collection due to their references to modern political events and the war on terror, including the tragedy of September 11, Considering the original books were conspicuously absent of any reference to any current events, fans aren't as engaged with these "newer" books as they were with the originals.

Later in his career Stewart Cowley was approached by Intercontinental Book Productions Crescent Books in the US to create a new series of books set in the same universe as the Terran Trade Authority volumes, but they're considered by fans to be largely non-canonical entries in the larger scheme of things.

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Notably, they were created by Cowley under the pseudonym Steven Caldwell possibly to avoid blame for the lower-quality work and featured selected pieces of art that had been rejected for the original, official Terran Trade Authority books. Stewart Cowley's intriguing, well-written and ridiculously detailed world is well worth acquiring if you've got some extra funds on hand, especially if you're a fan of classic, trippy sci-fi illustrations or the fiction that goes along with them. There's a dearth of world-building content floating around in the genre these days, and it's worth supporting these excellent tomes if you get a chance to, especially if you're a fan of the artists' work that went into making them possible.

The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game
The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game
The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game
The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game
The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game

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