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What are the symptoms of bloating or GDV?

Treatment for bloat in dogs sometimes depends on how severe the condition is. If the twisting of the stomach prevents the tube from passing through, a hollow needle may be inserted through the abdomen instead.

Bloat - The Mother of All Emergencies - Veterinary Partner - VIN

Dogs suffering from bloat are often treated for shock with intravenous fluids, and possibly with medication. Once an affected dog is stable and the stomach is decompressed, the veterinarian will begin emergency surgery to untwist the stomach and make sure it goes back into its normal position. Relapse is common in dogs who suffer from bloat. Therefore, veterinarians usually tack the stomach to the abdominal wall in order to stop it from twisting again.

Picture Credit: Getty Images. Bloat, by itself, can last for hours, even days before torsion occurs. Both maladies can be life threatening.

While this painful and deadly disorder mostly targets large breed dogs with deep chests, any dog, large or small, can be affected, including Yorkies, Dachshunds, and other small Terrier breeds. Other risk factors include lean body mass, aging, first degree relatives who have bloated, and eating quickly.

While there is no consensus on the causes of GDV, or how to prevent it, some recommendations can be made:.

Causes Of Bloat In Dogs

A holistic approach to prevention considers the imbalance that exists in some bloat prone dogs between the liver and stomach. Remedies are used to correct the underlying imbalance along with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Helping your pet to be calm will help reduce the risk, as will positive training and aromatherapy.

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But the most positive impact towards the prevention of bloat could be a diet change. There is evidence that suggests that adding water to dry food can be particularly dangerous. Foods that are very high in fat, meaning foods that have a kind of fat as one of the first four ingredients, should be avoided at all costs.

Symptoms of Bloat in Dogs

It is also likely that dog foods that contain citric acid as a preservative might be a cause of bloating and GDV. While all of the above information may be concerning to read, there is no cause for fear, if the necessary preventative measures are taken. Luckily there are tons of dog food brands that are completely grain free and should not inherently pose any risks.

If you feed your dog naturally healthy food in small-enough-to-digest portions, then the risk of GDV drops tremendously.

Dog Bloat: Causes, Signs, and Symptoms

These canned options, which are available in Chicken and Liver, Beef and Liver, and Turkey are guaranteed grain-free, leaving more room in the can for organic protein instead of filler. Fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is included as well in the form of organic pea flour and organic alfalfa.

So if your dog is diagnosed with GDV, consider feeding them one of these easy to digest foods.

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gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) and gastropexy in a German Shepherd dog

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