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The authors contend that the mechanism is changes in the stacking order in the thin limit that modify the interlayer exchange interaction. Thesis 03 September Research Highlight 03 September Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH. Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand.

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Advanced search. Skip to main content. Featured Content Announcement Nature Conference Functional dynamics — visualizing molecules in action. Editorial 03 September Rise of the platforms Journals are evolving into information platforms. Search Nature Physics.

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Latest Research Letter 23 September Quantum superposition of molecules beyond 25 kDa Matter-wave interference experiments demonstrate quantum superposition of molecules consisting of up to 2, atoms—the heaviest objects to show this quantum behaviour to date. Article 23 September Femtosecond-resolved observation of the fragmentation of buckminsterfullerene following X-ray multiphoton ionization X-ray pump—probe experiments reveal that the molecular structure of C 60 molecules substantially delays their fragmentation following photoionization.

Letter 16 September Kibble—Zurek universality in a strongly interacting Fermi superfluid The Kibble—Zurek mechanism, that is, the spontaneous formation of topological defects in a system crossing a continuous phase transition, is observed in a strongly interacting Fermi gas, where the underlying symmetry plays a crucial role. Letter 16 September Enhancement of interlayer exchange in an ultrathin two-dimensional magnet Few-layer magnetic materials sometimes show a different form of magnetism from their thicker equivalents.

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Thesis 03 September The benefits of public transport Mark Buchanan. Trending Altmetric Quantum superposition of molecules beyond 25 kDa. Changes may have been made to this work since it was submitted for publication. The permeability of virtual macroporous structures generated by sphere packing models : comparison with analytical models. N2 - Realistic porous structures typical of those made by replication of packed beds of spherical particles have been produced by a novel modelling method.

Fluid dynamics simulation of the permeability of these structures agrees well with experimental measurements and similar modelling of structures derived from X-ray tomographic images.

By varying the model structures the textquotedblleftbottlenecktextquotedblright flow concept proposed by analytical models in the literature was substantiated, confirming the high dependence of permeability on the size of the windows connecting the pores but also highlighting the need for accurate determination of the connectivity of the pores for these models to be accurate.

Joseph Neev, Christopher B.

Eggleton, D. Sampson, S. Frisken, A. Mitchell, S. Jackson, A.

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Ankiewicz, M. Douglas B. Chrisey, Maria Dinescu, Ian W.

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Boyd, Andrei V. Rode, A, Elliman, R, Gamaly, E et al , 'Electronic and magnetic properties of carbon nanofoam produced by high-repetition-rate laser ablation', Applied Surface Science, vol. Rode, A, Samoc, M, Luther-Davies, B et al , 'Dynamics of light-induced reflectivity switiching in gallium films deposited on silica by pulsed laser ablation', Optics Letters, vol. Rode, A, Samoc, M, Luther-Davies, B et al , 'Dynamics of light-induced reflectivity switching in gallium films, deposited on silica by pulsed laser ablation: errata', Optics Letters.

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Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124
Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124
Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124
Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124
Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124
Physics Reports vol.124 Physics Reports vol.124

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