New Technologies in Animal Breeding

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Using detection aids provide advantages because of the prevention of these losses [ 85 ]. Pedometers are used to detect the estrus by storing past physical activity the current physical activity and comparing it previous activity data. After analyzing data programs prepare report for cow which is activity accepted as estrus. Beeper or flashing light is also use for alerts the farmer for control this cows [ 79 ].

Impact of Biotechnology on Animal Breeding and Genetic Progress

Pedometers also used for estrus detection attached to the leg of the cow to measure the amount of her activity over a unit time span. Many pedometric systems are commercially available in the market. Also standing activity systems is commercially available in the markets. Standing activity activated by the mounting cow. Radio signal picked up by receiver and relayed to a buffer and a personal computer to analyzing of data.

Breeding and variation

This system record cows number, standing time, date and duration to evaluation on time [ 79 ]. The Mount Count manual version of the Heat Watch system is also available in the markets at more low price which is not required a computer or software to process and display the data. One aid is a pressure sensitive device mounted on the back of each cow, which can be triggered when the cow stands for mounting. Pressure sensitive device is programmed when a certain number of valid mounts have been recorded a light give signals. The second one is effective aids for detecting standing estrus is a marker or teaser animal.

Marker animals are worn marking device. When an animal in standing estrus is mounted by the marker animal, the chin-ball marker will rub against the animal in standing estrus, leaving marks on her back and rump. Mounting and standing activity are effective methods for estrus detection. There are many other methods available on the system such as cervical mucus, vaginal characteristics, temperature, blood flow, and hormone changes in blood and milk.

But these methods not applicable on the farm level. Milk progesterone level is o good criteria for stage of the cycle or pregnancy. So it can be used for diagnose problem cows in herd [ 87 ]. The behavior meter continuously records the animal behavior for many purposes lying time, lying bouts and the activity of the individual cows.

The cow-behavior enables animal welfare assessment in different environmental conditions and stress situations, as well as reproductive and health status [ 28 ]. Pregnancy check: Pregnancy diagnosis is one of the most important factors to get ideal calving interval. The most common methods are rectal and transrectal ultrasonography of the reproductive tract.

Both procedures are required training and time. Estrone sulfate, progesterone and glycoproteins are used for indicators of pregnancy in cattle [ 8 , 88 , 90 ]. Estrone sulfate is a conjugated steroid product of estrone, is produced by the fetus and as such offer high specificity.

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Wireless system was designed to measure many characteristics of cows is also developed to detect early stage of pregnancy in multiple cows. Animal production starts at environment which is cow lived in. Many factors affect the sensitivity of cows to their surrounding environmental conditions. Latest technologies involve the use of sensors to collect data, followed by data analyses with the objective of enhancing the understanding of the system interactions, and developing control systems [ 91 ].

Latest technologies aim to provide adequate data for producers and farmers to optimize the efficiency of their agricultural system, thus increasing the overall performance of the animals. There are many sensors for use at dairy barn environment control automation.

Reproductive techniques - Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction TP

Temperature and relative humidity sensors; airspeed sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, ammonia sensors and light sensors etc. The effects of heat stress on dairy cattle physiology and productivity have been well established. Milk yield can decrease by about 10 percent. At the same time, if the environmental factors for example air quality are poor, milk production and quality can be affected adversely. However high producing dairy cows need an optimal indoor climate throughout the year, to maintain high production levels. Barn environment is also important for the farm worker. Modern technology also helps to control barn environment which is many sensor installations to measure factors such as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and luminosity over a large cultivated surface.

These sensor and automation systems planned as a capable of recording and adapting to environmental conditions inside the barn. The variety of sensors monitors a wide-ranging range of parameters of interest. Automation systems not only can automate for temperature, but also have wind and rain sensors. The wind sensors feed wind speed data into the controller, which then adjusts curtain height to compensate for higher air transfer rates.

The rain sensor can be programmed to close the curtain to a predetermined height when it rains to keep moisture off cows and stalls.

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Cows likes bright environments. For this reason, equal illumination in barn improves milk yield.

This is especially important during short winter days. For this reason the right kind of illumination planning, dimensioned to the size of barn, orientation of barn and roof material is very important for good illumination in barn.

Technology Will Take Livestock Breeding to the Next Level

Lighting is the most obvious change with the shift to automatize barn. Digitally controlled LEDs can extend the day, supplementing sun in autumn and winter. LEDs use less energy than traditional lamps, making artificial lighting economical. The availability of specialist barn luminaires makes it possible to tune the color.

How Precision Dairy Will Influence Animal Breeding - Jeffrey Bewley, Alltech

New technology provided is a self-regulating, micro-climate controlled environment for optimal animal growth and production. New technologic tools can monitor nearly every aspect of animal barn indoor environment. Incorporating the environment-sensing capability of wireless sensor networks into mobile monitoring systems can provide convenient control of the barn microclimate anywhere, anytime for more productive animal production. Environmental sensors and other control facilities of the barn is first component of the barn automation. Secondly computerize system for monitoring and controlling for barn environment.

And thirdly supports the communication between this two component. The industrial revolution has made a radical change in the production method and systems throughout the world. The net result has been the more comfortable animal, higher production, and decreased labor.

The rapid penetration of these new age technologies will provide a further layer of sophistication of farm work and new strategies in animal production. Some of the technologies are already available on the market for framers but most are at the research stage in labs for new applications. Each new technology can enable productivity, growth and other benefits at farm level for animal and farmers as well as at the level of the country where productivity acceleration is sorely needed. Within countries, technology potential will be affected by their sector, and these activities will be affected within sectors.

Although some of these technologies are already available, most are at the research stage in labs. Taking all of the factors into account, someone estimate it will take times for technology effect on current farm activities. Animal farming is to big market for technologic applications for more convenient production. While most of the farmers are reliant on new technologic applications to improve their productivity and competitiveness, technology plays a major role in achieving many critical tasks in many animal farms.

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New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding
New Technologies in Animal Breeding New Technologies in Animal Breeding

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