Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)

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Publication Order of Odd Thomas Graphic Novels

Once again, all is not what it seems and the palatial estate begins to look more like a house of horrors. Odd Thomas must face lethal adversaries and uncover shocking secrets that just might reveal an estate whose real location is Hell. What kind of consequences will be exacted? Will it be a "pound of flesh"? Odd Thomas keeps the answers to these questions close to the vest. Second, I titled the section for somewhat obvious reasons: Oddie starts on a journey in Pico Mundo, his home town, and is drawn by the "magnetism" to go in search of evil in other locations than Pico Mundo.

Book six heralds the coming end of the journey. Soon, Odd begins having shocking visions of a whole series of murders from California through Nevada and then back.

Who’s Odd Thomas?

But, just one tinsy little problem: the murders haven't been committed, yet. Odd journeys down a road to prevent the multiple tragedies from happening. Once again, Odd acquires new friends and allies--my personal favorite is "Edie. Edie also goes way out of her way to help people.

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What does a little old lady have to do with Oddie's "road chase" to stop a sociopathic truck driver? Just wait and see.

Do you remember that I promised that the Gypsy Mummy fortune-telling machine that appeared in the prequel to the series and mentioned numerous times throughout the series would reappear in this volume? Well, here she is Oddie can't resist seeing her, again--he wants to find out when he will get to be with Stormy. But, as Oddie grapples with what he feels is his own impending death, the same satanic cult returns to Koontz's pages with which Oddie must deal a second time.

This time, Oddie's prophetic dreams consist of his beloved town with all its citizens and homes, streets and streetlamps, being submerged and drowned under lots and lots of water. But that seems just short of crazy to Oddie, how could that happen?

Lightning by Dean Koontz Audiobook

Let's not forget about all the wonderful characters Koontz has created for us readers to enjoy. Who will survive? There are many, many deaths, yet there are survivors.

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Who will walk away from the approaching deluge and live to tell about it? Will Odd's old friend, P. Oswald Boone survive? What happens to Annamaria? What about all the people Oddie loves in Pico Mundo? Will Oddie walk away from the impending disaster to live a quiet life or will he meet his death? His feelings led him to believe that he was going home to die.

Before he dies he wants to save his beloved town. Here, he muses on what he thinks is death and the circle of life. That I had come full circle shouldn't have surprised me, for we are born into time only to be born out of it, after living through the cycles of the seasons, under stars that turn because the world turns, born into ignorance and acquiring knowledge that ultimately reveals to us our enduring ignorance. The circle is the essential pattern of our existence. Joseph Campbell is often associated with the Hero's Journey,.

So, now you know my favorite quote and that I really liked the story structure Dean Koontz used in creating his series, and specifically, the final book, Saint Odd. What else worked for me in Saint Odd? Well, one of the things that got me to start reading Dean Koontz's books in the first place was his writing style. I like his easy flowing text and the pacing that goes with it. Koontz uses words that are commonly known so as to not make the reader slow down. The reader is able to read at a pace that suits him as an individual--and, is able to do this, in part, because no complicated words or extensively long sentences are used.

The more "intellectual" style of writing is better suited to other types of literary works. Although, in general, I enjoyed the book, it isn't a perfect book by any means. And, although Koontz did pretty well at tying up the ends, a few things bothered me:. I would have really liked to see an appearance from one of Oddie's best friends, P.

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Oswald Boone and his cat, Chester. And, Annamaria was in the final book to show Oddie the "trick" with the flower, I would have liked to see more of her talking with him in that mysterious and enigmatic way she always spoke. Blossom Rosedale. Utgard Rolf. Hoss Shackett. Stormy Llewelyn. Sheriff Wyatt Porter. Ozzie Boone. Elvis Presley. Chief Wyatt Porter.

Odd Thomas

Chief Porter. Robert Thomas "Fungus Man" Robertson. Bronwen "Stormy" Llewellyn. Penny Calisto. Bern Eckles. Simon Varner. Terri Stambaugh. Terrible Chester.

Forever Odd (Odd Thomas Series #2) by Dean Koontz, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Kevin Gosset. Danny Jessup. California, USA. Pico Mundo. Related book awards New York Times bestseller. Goodreads Choice Awards. How do series work?

Series: Odd Thomas

Series: Odd Thomas Series by cover 1—8 of 17 next show all. Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. Forever Odd by Dean Koontz. Brother Odd by Dean Koontz. Odd Hours by Dean Koontz. Odd Interlude: 1 by Dean Koontz.

Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)
Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)
Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)
Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)
Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)
Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas, Book 2)

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