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This grandmother and the other tenants in her building are all part of low-income families.

They are all either refugees or immigrants who escaped war and chaos in Southeast Asia during the s, which led them to leave their homes and countries behind to resettle in the United States. Pham has lived in this unit for the last five years with her daughter and grandchildren. Robert and Rosa Chow, a San Gabriel couple who owned this building for more than 20 years, sold it to a developer who wants everyone out by the Thursday, September 26, or else they will face eviction.

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Instead of letting their fears and worries take over, the tenants came together and reached out to Chinatown Community for Equitable Development, an organization that rallies against many civic issues like gentrification and the lack of affordable housing. The leaders for the organization put the tenants in touch with a lawyer. According to Craig Wong from Chinatown Community for Equitable Development, rents are rising in Chinatown and tenants are paying a higher percentage of their income on housing which creates a financial burden on them and their families.

Joe Camel was forced out of ads. So why is Juul allowed on TV?

This stressor threatens their health and quality of life. There are tenants who are forced into smaller units as more families move in with each other in order to pay rent and survive.

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She said she was required to attend counselling sessions with the head of teaching and school chaplain. The tribunal is yet to list the case for a directions date or hearing.

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Equality Australia is providing support to Colvin in pursuing the case. The school updated its constitution last year following the legalising of same sex marriage in Colvin, who grew up in an evangelical Christian family in the US and has served as a missionary, refused to support that statement of faith.

The school declined to comment, referring media enquiries to Christian Schools Australia spokesman, Mark Spencer. The school has strong pastoral care policies and cares for all of its students.

Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out
Forced Out Forced Out

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