Buried Diamonds

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Buried Diamonds

Cratons are known to accelerate sound waves slightly, but not as fast as what the scientists measured. The researchers set out to determine the composition of the cratonic roots to understand what may be causing the spikes.

Using seismic data from the U. Faul and his team used measurements of sound speeds to assemble virtual rocks made from various types of minerals. The experts calculated how fast sound waves would travel through each virtual rock, and found only one type of rock that would produce the speeds measured by seismologists.

The rock that matched their search was composed of one to two percent diamond, peridotite, and small amounts of eclogite. This could easily explain the higher sound velocities that were detected.

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In addition, the small fraction of diamond would not affect the overall density of a craton, which has less density than the surrounding mantle. The research was funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

List of missing treasures

By Chrissy Sexton , Earth. When former vanity license plate inspector Claire Montrose finds a valuable diamond ring embedded in an old stone wall, she's uncovered more than lost jewelry -- she's just unwittingly exposed a fifty-year-old murder.

Let's not forget them.

Claire's octogenarian housemate, Charlie, recognizes the ring with shock. It belonged to Elizabeth Ellsworth, a woman who broke off her engagement fifty years earlier, then killed herself.

Buried Treasure - Digging for Diamonds is Tougher than Ever

All the "old gang" believed Elizabeth had returned the ring, so how did it get buried inside a stone wall? As half-century-old questions resurface about the incident, Claire discovers more about the terrible secrets Elizabeth kept -- and why someone wanted her dead.

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But the closer she gets to the truth, the more Claire realizes that someone believes old crimes must stay buried Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews:.

Secret Eyes - Buried Like Diamonds (Official Music Video)

Paperback editions:.

Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds
Buried Diamonds Buried Diamonds

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